List my Goals and outline the major aspects of the Project.
Information about the donor cars and other assemblies I used.  Includes tear down information and photos.
Discussion about the fabrication and fabricated tools used for this build.  
Outline of the assembly process of my El Camino.
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Listing of the people, companies and web pages I have found useful.
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Copyright 2013, Leo Stearns
El Camino, Updated
After being away from heavy car modifications for almost 20 years and after a very stressful 4½ year run at a tech start-up, I decided to spend some time in my garage and build a custom car.  

I’ve always liked El Caminos. I’m not sure exactly why, but it has something to do with their impracticality. So, I decided to build a custom El Camino to be used for everyday driving. Because El Caminos have not been made in over 25 years, this will require a good bit of modernization to meet my requirements. The first step was to pick which generation El Camino to use as the base for the project. There have been 5 generations of El Camino to date. I find the first generation beautiful and unique examples of automobile art from a signature period for US auto design. However, the cars are just too big and the frames are too small to be able to truly modernize them as I envision. Past that, I prefer the 5th generation’s angular shape and more compact dimensions.  


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